Trio Mio and his new look (left) as he returned to school on January 6, 2021.
Trio Mio and his new look (left) as he returned to school on January 6, 2021.
Trio Mio and his new look (right) as he returned to school on January 2021.

By Martin Siele (@S_iele)

Closure of schools in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic might have been the best thing to happen to young Trio Mio's rap career.

The 16-year old is a high school student, in Form 2. On Wednesday, January 6, with a clean shave, he returned to boarding school after establishing himself as one of the biggest break-out stars of 2020. was the first publication to highlight the teenage sensation after his single, Cheza Kama Wewe, started buzzing in Gengetone circles.

Reacting to our feature in July 2020, Trio's 'momager' Irma Sofia Sakwa wrote: "He's surely going places! Kudos behind you son. All the way baby boy". If Trio has done one thing since then, it's prove his mother right.

At the time, in July 2020, the video had just over 1,000 views on Youtube. It now has well over a million and a remix featuring Mejja, Exray (Boondocks Gang) and NellytheGoon (Ochungulo Family).

Thanks to Cheza Kama Wewe, Trio quickly became one of the most sought-after artists in the country.

Cheza Kama Wewe was a melodic Gengetone banger, packing bars and a flow that was much different from the Gengetone tunes we were getting used to.

Trio soon delivered his first headline performance at the Naifest concert.

In addition, he released his Son of the City EP at a sold out event in Nairobi.

He released a follow-up single to Cheza Kama Wewe, Niko Busy featuring Renata, which received a great reception.

He later dropped the Cheza Kama Wewe remix, another smash hit featuring some of the biggest names in the industry.

Most recently, he was featured on Chubuwi, a brand new single by KingPheezle, K4 Kanali and Maandy.

Some fans have suggested that he should be assigned an office at school just to keep writing rhymes and making hits.

The teenage rapper, however, told fans to sit tight and wait for more bangers even as he was in school, hinting that he had recorded a number of unreleased tracks.

"I'll miss this days wen I get back to school...Nawapenda watu wangu wote just watch out for bangers while am at school and don't forget to share widely and forever support yours truly," he wrote.