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Artist Demands Sh10M for Popular Equity Bank Song

A songwriter who composed and recorded the song used by Equity Bank’s ‘Wings to Fly’ initiative is demanding Sh10 million as he accusses the bank of stealing his intellectual property.

Eric Nyadida was only 16 years old when he composed the song at Maranda High School.

He later recorded it at Homeboyz Recording Studios and registered it with the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) in 2013.

Nyadida claimed that after some initial correspondence between him and bank officials including CEO James Mwangi, the bank refused to give him the Sh10 million he asked for and asked him to instead accept Sh2.5 million.

He, however, maintains that he turned this down as well as a scholarship opportunity.

Eric Obiero Nyadida

The ‘Wings to Fly’ program is responsible for facilitating scholarships and advanced learning opportunities for gifted students.

He disclosed that the opportunity to compose the song came to him through his manager at the time John Kennedy.

He asserted that after negotiations broke down, the bank decided to go after him and his brother over alleged banking fraud.

Now 22, Nyadida noted that he had not been paid a single cent since the song was first used in an advertisement in 2013.

He told the Magistrate that the bank accused him of banking fraud for demanding his dues.

The drama surrounding the ‘Wings to Fly’ song also saw him shift from Maranda to Nyabondo High School.

Nyadida is currently studying at Daystar University.