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Benjamin Mayega: City Politician Banks on Youth, Talents

Many talented youth in Kenya are often frustrated in pursuit of their dreams.

For a rapper such as Kamakazi, his ambitions of a successful career as a recording artist and fashion designer faced several obstacles. Among them, expensive studio costs and lack of capital.

His story is similar to that of several other youth in the city.

Observing the situation in his community, Benjamin Mayega has earned plaudits for helping youth develop talents and sustainable income-generating ventures for themselves.

Benjamin Mayega (right) pictured during a past interaction

Mayega, a businessman, is also a politician eyeing the Nyayo Highrise MCA seat in 2022.

While other politicians have been focused on spewing rhetoric and factional politics, Mayega has chosen a different approach.

He has become well known to youth in the area whom he regularly interacts with.

From artists such as Kamakazi to small business owners, food vendors and boda boda riders, Mayega has been engaging young people to understand their challenges.

Ebu kiasi rapper Kamakazi explained how Mayenga’s support was helping artists.

“After recording Ebu Kiasi and shooting the video, I was struggling with my next project but Ben came through.

“I recorded the next song with his help, it’s called Kitemeo dropping on Monday, September 28 and he is also helping our youth groups in different activities like the carwash business,” he told

Mayega told this publication that it was his joy to help youth realize their potential.

To the youth in Highrise, he is simply Ben.

He noted that their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity would be central to solving long-time challenges affecting Highrise residents.

From issues such as water to roads and governance, Highrise youth are everyday getting more involved in making their voices heard.

As the largest single demographic in Kenya, the role of youth in delivering change cannot be ignored.

As debate rages on constitutional amendments, Kenyan youth remain interested in tangible solutions.

For them, unemployment and corruption are symptoms of a broken system, a system that leaders such as Ben hope to fix.

File image of Benjamin Mayega