The success of Angela by Boutross Munene and Juicee Man is the latest crowning moment in the long journey by Boutross to bring his own unique sounds to the mainstream.

Videos using the tune, which features on his Mawingu EP, have amassed over 1 billion views on Tik Tok. It's being played at shows around the world, and has been one of the most Shazamed songs in Kenya.

Angela has inspired countless dance videos, twerk videos and turned up parties across Kenya and beyond. It's even spawned a highly-anticipated remix with Jamaican dancehall sensation Konshens. The Gal a Bubble sensation shared a snippet of the remix on February 3, disclosing that he was introduced to Boutross by Homeboyz Radio presenter and DJ G-Money.

'Shrap God' Boutross is considered the godfather of Shrap, a unique blend of Kenyan 'Sheng' flows and Trap vibes and beats. Over the past decade, artists including Boutross and Jovie Jovv have been the leading lights of the Shrap sound and culture. Boutross' ability to collaborate with other artists and effortlessly fuse sounds including Gengetone, Kenyan Drill and Dancehall with Shrap have also been key to his success - he appeared, for instance, on the smash hit Ndovu ni Kuu which ranked as the top Gengetone song of 2021.

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He has more shown this versatility several times before, on singles and other hit collaborations with the likes of Mastar VK and Scar Mkadinali on Omoka, and Chorea with Boutross and Raj.

The groovy, bouncy Angela, with its Dancehall and Gengetone elements, is in some ways is a departure from many classic 808-heavy Shrap hits by Boutross such as Yea Yea Yea - but still maintains the fun Shrap vibe and storytelling only Boutross can deliver - Angela for instance has many similarities with his 2020 hit Story Ilianza. The catchy hook by Juicee Man also makes Angela the type of tune that's 100% likely to get stuck in your head on a regular day.

Boutross and the success of Angela is also the biggest endorsement yet for the larger Shrap movement, which they have spent years been building up - through events such as Shrap Nite and other initiatives taking it beyond the music. A lot of credit in this regard has to go to Boutross, his manager and partner Musau Mumo and their Alliance Domini Family (ADF) Crew.

Co-signs from legendary artists including Octopizzo also helped propel Shrap. Five years ago, Boutross famously featured on Tergat Gang, on which Octopizzo also featured Barak Jacuzzi - introducing Shrap to new mainstream audiences.

Importantly, crossover hits such as Angela also prove the opportunity for feel-good Kenyan music, whether its Shrap, Gengetone, Drill, Afropop or RnB, to make waves across the world.