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Bridget Bema: Facts About ‘Indisciplined’ Girl in Viral Video

Bridget Bema. The 9-year old went viral with one of her comedic skits.
Bridget Bema. The 9-year old went viral with one of her comedic skits.

A video from Kenya went viral around the world on Wednesday, December 9 and inspired an international ‘Bridget Bema’ trend.

Bridget Bema is the young girl seen in the video depicting a primary school assembly.

During the assembly, she emerges as a notorious rule-breaker after featuring in separate lists being called out of bullies, noise-makers and defiant pupils.

Unknown to many who have crowned Bridget as ‘the baddest in the world’, the video is not real.

It is from a comedic skit starring Bema showing a common scenario in Kenyan schools. Bema is the younger sister of a popular Kenyan comedian, YY.

The assembly skit spread like wildfire on platforms including Tik Tok, Twitter and Instagram.

It even led some concerned individuals to start looking for the girl and her parents.

YY or YY comedian, real name Oliver Otieno, is a much sought-after comedian in Kenya.

He has headlined live shows and been a regular on the acclaimed Churchill Show.

Bridget, his younger sister, seems destined for a bright future in the industry.

The viral skit wasn’t her first. Her stubborn girl character is proving popular on Instagram and earning her new fans everyday.

Watch more of the 9-year old’s skits beow: