Dexta Briyanka says Ndovu Kuu has parents at Kenyatta University refusing to pay fees for their children at the institution.

After smash hit 'Ndovu Kuu' was pulled down from YouTube after racking up over 3.5 million views, many fans of the song by Krispah featuring Khaligraph and Boutross Munene weren't exactly sure what was going on.

It emerged that an upcoming artist had filed a copyright claim against the video for it to be pulled down. The artist - Dexter Briyanka - describes himself as an ambassador for Kenyatta University, which Krispah claims is behind the effort to stop the song's success at all costs.

Briyanka had gained little traction in his career up to this point, although he has released several songs on platforms including YouTube where he has 200 subscribers as of July 20. He performs in Swahili as well as Kisii.

As a matter of fact, the video in which he responds to Ndovu Kuu (see end of story) is by far the most viewed on his channel.

In his hard-hitting video accusing his opps of exploiting YouTube tools to damage his career, Krispah had disclosed the copyright claim by an artist he described as "having no talent" and failed to mention Dexter's name. In the same video, he shared a recording of a phone conversation by a member of his team with Dexter, which Dexter is heard describing himself as an ambassador for Kenyatta University.

While Krispah insisted that the song's beat and lyrics were developed from scratch by himself, Dexter claims that he heard similarities with one of his songs, particularly with the sound zoning in the production.

Why did it take him so long to file the claim? Dexter says he's "a busy man" and hadn't heard the song until recently.

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Krispah had also detailed his communications with Kenyatta University in which officials raised issues with his lyrics Hakuna Masomo KU (There's no education at KU), claiming they had damaged the school's reputation and had parents keeping their children away from the school.

Dexter accuses Krispah of jeopardising the futures of thousands of Kenyatta University students, and dismisses the hit-maker's claim that KU could mean anything including Kabianga University or Kukula Ugali.

According to the artist, Ndovu Kuu has parents refusing to pay fees for their children attending the university.

In addition, Dexter accuses Khaligraph Jones of 'tribalism' for his verse in which he raps in a Kamba accent, and threatens to raise the matter with Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Ezekiel Mutua for "promoting immorality and tribalism"

Watch the full video in which Dexter responds to Ndovu Kuu below: