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Explained: Zzero Sufuri’s Beef With Mungai Eve, Mikos Geng

Zzero Sufuri (left) and Mungai Eve, Mikos Gang

Gengetone star Zzero Sufuri has in recent weeks been at the center of a beef pitting him against Youtuber Mungai Eve and Mikos Gang (Mbogi Rach), a group of artists based in Mathare, Nairobi.

Mikos Gang has three artist members including Lord Mikos and Peter Mikos.

The group had released a few singles before the publicized beef with Zzero Sufuri, including Chuma ya Doshi ft Doli Slasher.

While the early releases weren’t exactly smash hits, they elicited positive reactions from fans stirring a buzz.

Beef Origins

In October 2020, Mikos Gang sought out Zimenishika and Matiati hitmaker Zzero Sufuri to record a collabo.

According to Lord Mikos, they agreed on a feature price of Ksh20,000 which Zzero was paid.

The song was to be recorded by producer Magix Enga at his Magix Empire studios in Nairobi.

The collabo was, however, never to be as they never received a finished track with Zzero’s verse.

Called by the artists during an interview, Zzero told Peter Mikos that he had recorded his bit and expected that he final track from the producer had been sent to them. The artists, however, insisted that they had not received any song from Enga.

In the same interview, Zzero’s manager identified as Maurice was heard asking if Mikos Gang were willing to cough up more money. He was also called up during the interview.

The interview by youtuber Mungai Eve went viral and fuelled the beef. In it, Lord Mikos explicitly accused Zzero of conning upcoming artists of their hard earned money.

Referencing a recent funds drive to clear Zzero’s medical bills after an accident, Mikos claimed that Zzero was broke and had ‘eaten’ the feature money.

He compared him to a rat (panya), a term that would inspire a diss single.

Zzero Sufuri Responds to Mikos Gang

Soon after the interview went viral, Zzero responded to Mikos Gang with a viral video of his own.

Chilling at the studio, Zzero addressed both the artists and Mungai Eve.

He dismissed them asserting that he was way more than the Ksh20,000 he allegedly cost the artists.

“Matako nyinyi…nakaa 20,000 (Asses…do I look like 20,000?),” he posed.

The video was widely shared and inspired Tiktok challenges and more, including a remixed version from popular Gengetone producer Siren on the Beat.

Mungai Eve Responds to Zzero Sufuri

Youtuber Mungai Eve hit back at Zzero with a video on her channel.

Visibly irked after being insulted by Zzero, she described him as a rat and demanded that he return the feature money.

Mikos Gang and Mungai Eve Release ‘Panya’ Diss Track

Produced by K-Sita for Royal Music Entertainment, Panya is a diss single by Mungai Eve and Mikos Gang aimed at Zzero Sufuri.

It samples Zzero’s own voice from the video in which he blasted Mikos and Mungai Eve.

It is a no holds barred lyrical assault on Zzero, with Eve delivering the intro.