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Here’s How Much It’ll Cost You to Book Wakadinali in 2021

By Martin Siele (@S_iele)

Art for Triple XXL by Wakadinali. The group has released its 2021 rate card.
Art for Triple XXL by Wakadinali. The group has released its 2021 rate card.

Wakadinali are arguably Kenya’s most popular rap group in 2021.

With their profile rising everyday, the group which includes Scar, Domani Munga and Sewer Sydaa is looking to cash in. They shared their updated rate card for 2021 on Thursday, January 7.

2020 was one of their most successful years yet, as they moved even further into the mainstream thanks to a slew of hits.

The Morio Anzenza hitmakers also dropped Victims of Madness, their fourth full length project, in the last quarter of 2020. It was one of the most celebrated albums of the year.

Bangers such as XXL, Morio Anzenza, Joho and Scar’s Kovu have secured Wakadinali’s place right at the top of the game.

The updated rate card, therefore, came as no surprise given their incredible come-up from underground rap stars to the hottest rappers in the city.

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Regardless of what you think about the group, you can expect their rates to keep going up as they continue to make hits.

Sample the rate card below:

Appearance Fee

Scar Mkadinali – Ksh10,000 per hour

Domani Mkadinali – Ksh10,000 per hour

Sewer Sydaa Mkadinali – Ksh10,000 per hour

Wakadinali – Ksh30,000 per hour

Performance (Festival)

20 minutes – Ksh100,000

40 minutes – Ksh150,000

60 minutes – Ksh225,000

Performance (Club)

20 minutes – Ksh75,000

40 minutes – Ksh100,000

60 minutes – Ksh150,000

Exclusive Interviews

Scar Mkadinali – Ksh15,000

Domani Mkadinali – Ksh15,000

Sewer Sydaa Mkadinali – Ksh15,000

Wakadinali – Ksh45,000

Feature on a Song

Scar Mkadinali – Ksh50,000

Domani Mkadinali – Ksh50,000

Sewer Sydaa Mkadinali – Ksh50,000

Wakadinali – Ksh150,000.

*You can book Wakadinali by calling 0714 901 222, 0790 252 903 or sending an email to Wakadinali.ke@gmail.com