Music video for Clowning Hii Nairobi by Hitman Kaht, K4 Kanali and NellytheGoon

While Nairobi by Bensoul has been one of the biggest hits of 2021 so far, Gengetone now has a clowning anthem of its own.

Clowning Hii Nairobi by Hitman Kaht, NellytheGoon and K4 Kanali is one of the hottest singles out now.

It tells the now-famous story of Nairobi’s unique relationships, with the city sometimes described as a big bedroom.

The hilarious video is directed by Hulk Omondi, and might as well be a film. It features some great acting by Hitman, Kanali and NellytheGoon.

The audio is produced by Hitman Kaht.