Spending the holiday season with those you love should be an enjoyable experience and not a stressful one, especially when navigating your first holiday season with a new partner. During this season, your bond could either grow stronger or the stress can wear your relationship down.
If this is your first holiday season with your partner, here are a few ways you can make it memorable, special, and drama-free for you guys:

Have listening dates. A private date is one of the best gifts we can give to our partners. It's common to listen intently as you get to know a new partner in the early stage of your relationship. Make time and space for mindful listening. Set aside all other tasks, look your partner in the eyes, and listen respectfully, deeply, and quietly.

Sense of Touch- We are wired to desire connection. No matter how young or old we are, touching stirs emotions. We forget the importance of pausing to give or receive a hug, hold hands, or connect with a soulful kiss when life becomes tough. Tune in to each other's preferences and how you can better connect through the power of loving touch. 

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Play - When a playful mindset is at work, you'll find that fun is awaiting you around every corner. Even mundane tasks become a delight when you and your partner embrace the connective power of play. No matter how busy your schedule, carve out a bit of time every day to play with your partner.

Appreciate - couples who are appreciative of each other tend to be the happiest. When life gets a bit stressful, the holidays can definitely bring their share of stress—it's tempting to notice what a partner is doing "wrong" rather than all the things your partner does right. Strive to take a few minutes every morning and evening to offer loving words of appreciation to your partner.

Be curious - know all there is to know" about a partner, that's just a rationalization. No matter how static a person's life might appear, we all change at least a bit every day.  If you've lost the curiosity connection in your relationship, start with simple, open-ended questions such as, "Tell me about the best and worst part of your day. The more you ask the more you know about your partner the more the connection is made