What is Fuliza?

Fuliza is an overdraft service built into M-Pesa, Kenya's leading mobile money service offered by Safaricom - the largest telco in East Africa. It allows subscribers to access credit to complete transactions such as sending money to someone or making payments for goods and services via Lipa na M-Pesa.

Can I withdraw Fuliza cash at an M-Pesa agent?

No, you currently cannot withdraw Fuliza funds from an M-Pesa agent. Your Fuliza can only be used to complete transactions when you have insufficient funds in your M-Pesa wallet.

What is my Fuliza Limit?

When you sign up for Fuliza, you will be assigned a Fuliza limit - the maximum amount credited to you as an overdraft. This limit is based on your M-Pesa transaction history and is determined by Safaricom's algorithms.

How do I sign up for Fuliza?

You can sign up for Fuliza by dialling the USSD code *234# on your Safaricom line and selecting the Fuliza option, then selecting 'Opt In'.

What is the USSD Code for Fuliza

The USSD code for Fuliza is *234#

How to Fuliza M-Pesa Loan

First, you need to opt in to Fuliza as explained above. After that, you only need to transact as usual even when you have insufficient funds. When you try to send money or use lipa na m-pesa with insufficient funds, a prompt will pop up asking you to confirm whether you want to complete the transaction with Fuliza.

How do I increase my Fuliza Limit?

Opting out of Fuliza and opting in again will often result in a change of your Fuliza limit, but there is no guarantee that it will be an increase. In some cases, your limit may increase significantly, while in others it drops back to zero. Your new limit may also be the same as your old limit. As such, Safaricom warns you when opting out of Fuliza that you may lose your limit.

Safaricom advises those seeking to increase their Fuliza limits to simply continue using Safaricom and M-Pesa services, and to repay their Fuliza on time.

How Much Does Fuliza Charge?

Fuliza charges an access fee and daily maintenance fee. Safaricom in 2022 restructured the Fuliza tarriff. Below is the new tarriff.

Tariff BandOld Daily Maintenance FeeNew Daily Maintenance Fee
101-5005.00Free for first 3 days 2.50 after
501-100010.00Free for first 3 days 5.00 after

How do I pay my Fuliza loan?

Since Fuliza is an overdraft service, the amount you owe is automatically deducted from any new funds credited to your M-Pesa wallet. This means that, for example, if you have taken out a Fuliza of Ksh1,000 and someone sends you Ksh1500, Ksh1000 will be deducted to pay your Fuliza and you will have an M-Pesa balance of Ksh500. If someone sends you Ksh500 and you have taken out a Fuliza of Ksh1,000, the Ksh500 will be automatically deducted leaving you with Ksh500 to clear your Fuliza overdraft.