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The morning and evening rush hours are probably among the worst times for most city commuters who are forced to spend hours on the road due to Nairobi’s infamous traffic.

Most people find it hard to start a conversation with strangers in a matatu, but Kenya’s public transport vehicles have a positive side. They're the spot where most relationships are established. Guys, if you are in matatu and there is this lady besides you and you feel you want to know her better, worry not, I'm here to help you figure it out;

Wait until she has paid her fare - With this economy, I don’t think you would want to pay more for the person you’ve just met, perhaps that was the only money you had with you, start conversation after the matatu fair has been collected, always.

Give a compliment - Human beings love to be praised, and this can help you start a conversation. Even if its rainy season and everyone in the matatu smells like unaired cloth, complement her hair, dress or even her fragrance. 

Keep an eye contact - There is this common saying that goes by; eyes are a reflection of your inner self. People who look down or don’t maintain eye contact usually hide their weird motives. If you maintain eye contact, it will send a signal that you are interested in the person and vice versa. 

Crack jokes and make her smile or laugh - when you talk and someone laughs it shows she is free and comfortable, which is a win win situation. Through all the jocks you will learn what make her smile or even better, laugh. Remember no one likes the plain conversations, they tend to be boring.

Do not over think - Do not spend too much time thinking on how to initiate the conversation, you will end up being frustrated. The frustrations will be seen on your face hence missing on the target. She will end up thinking you are constipating.

Close your conversations early - Always leave earlier than you have to. This will save you the embarrassment of a stale conversation especially in a first time meeting with her it is easy to talk to a girl you like since all you need is confidence and guts.

Avoid long pauses in the conversation - I don’t like the awkward moments of silence when you are trying to think what else to talk about. Be creative, come up with topics that involve her opinion.

Lastly, don't forget to take her number and keep the spark alive