Taurus Muzik top boy Kagwe Mungai released his highly anticipated major label debut studio album on May the third this year. Forty-nine minutes long the album covers a variety of sounds citing influences from different local and international genres.

The producer/singer/rapper described the title spectrum: we are not one thing we are so many things, different kinds of music stepping out of the box, a play list for the day. The cover art shows the different levels of Kagwe through music.

The album's track list has outstanding features from inform artistes Naiboi of Sondeka, the chart topping music group the Kansoul , gospel music crooner Mr Seed , Nigeria's songstress Niniola and the renowned Owuor Arunga who featured in the Grammy Award winning album by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis , The Heist.

Good Times is the introductory track is all about the vibe and a mood for waking up and is followed by a romantic induced song Nakulike where Naiboi lays down his vocals complimenting the track effectively. Single ladies are given a special shout out in You Know This a Queen's tribute.

Ogopeni Mungu the album's promotional single was performed before the album's release on Ten over Ten where KM brought out Mr Seed for an electrifying performance. The track samples Tanzania's Mapigano Kwaya and is a thanksgiving song.

The city in the sun Nairobi, Kagwe's hometown has a tribute song Miss Obi giving an overview of the life of a city dweller. The song contains an interlude by radio personality Adelle Onyango and is followed by Pressure, a conscious song about frustration featuring Owuor Arunga.

The first single off the album , Till the End features Niniola and was released on late 2017.The second single Super Seena a trap filled sing along is a turn up party anthem that relives childhood memories.

Boys don't cry is the take away song of the album where KM states Kansoul's very own kid Kora cried listening to it in the studio . A song about depression, suicide, alcoholism and struggles one deals with while undergoing mental tribulations. Unintentional and Lost are majorly love songs dealing with cheating and dealing with breakup.

The album closes off with Mama I Made It an ode to becoming successful and making it plus showing off.The album sonicaly tight and leaves you wanting more with bonus joints such as Baas , African Lady and Doctor Kagwe Mungai duly does his homework and gives his fans a deserved first album.

A musical journey from good times through trying times and finally celebratory moments the album is indeed a spectrum with plenty of themes from mental health, love and heartbreak plus the hustle Kagwe Mungai has outdone himself in getting out of the box and come up with a timeless record.