Musician/Band: Kahu$h

Album: If We Do Not Give Up

Genre: Hip Hop

Release Date: 16th July 2021

Label: Kahu$h Music

Kahu$h is a Kenyan artist with 4 projects and a set of singles on all platforms. He works independently with all things to do from recording to mixing and mastering.

Kahu$h forms his own unique sound by using his own flow, distinctive voice and use of two languages (Kiswahili and English) almost flawlessly while still making the message clear to the listener. From the high energy tracks like Mi Siwezi and Mastingo to the personal lower energy songs such as Enemy, Slow Kisses and Selfish…you never really know what to expect with this artist, well, aside from some good music,

From the opening track to the last, this project will have you fully engaged as Kahu$h digresses you into a relaxed state with his vocals and witty bars on each track. Kahu$h alludes to the struggle and focuses on the grind. The title says it all, persisting and not giving up despite trolls and naysayers. He confirms this, explaining literally where he was during the pandemic.

STREAM>>>>>DJ TinTin – Kenyan Hip Hop Mix 47

The album doesn’t come across as too serious or too heavily themed either, just an honest piece and expressive of how he was feeling.

Music video for Kahu$h on ‘Ngori SZN’

Along with Kahu$h’s incredible talent on this LP, there is a sizzling feature including Xenia Manasseh – incredibly talented in her own right, on Sad Sad Sad.

The 11-track LP also boasts high quality production from Kahu$h himself displaying his array of talent. One of the standout tracks for me personally is the track “Wishlist (Nakupenda)“. This track stood out for me personally because of the way that the beat gives Kahu$h real breathing room to showcase his vocal range and ability. I don’t normally like to give comparisons but this track gives me real Afro Bashment vibes based on the energy and the way that Kahu$h approaches this track and the lyrical content as well.

Rating: 8/10