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Kings of Gengetone Hooks (Pt. 1)

What makes a good song blow up in the mainstream? Several things come into play but definitely, one of the key sections of any track is the hook, the part that listeners remember best. Going through all songs that blow up, both locally and internationally, you’ll come across one simple fact, all the songs have catchy hooks.

Most of the hooks bear a simple structure, with just few phrases being repeated by the artist. Listeners can easily relate to the track and sing along when having fun.

Like other genres, Gengetone has produced it’s own stable of hook masters with popular music groups mostly reserving their tracks’ hooks and choruses for one artist in particular. 

Ethic – Rekles

From the group’s initial break out track Lamba Lolo, Rekles has mostly assumed the role of singing the hook, delivering strong, catchy and memorable hooks in their tracks. You can hardly walk around your hood without coming across a kid singing the chorus part of an Ethic song.

As usual, the Ethic gang delivers their strong verses, ensuring quality tracks. However, Rekles’ prowess is not limited to hooks, with his singles showing a mastery of hiphop lyricism.

Boondocks Gang – Exray

The three-man group displays versatility in its music with Exray mostly assuming the role of lead singer and taking up a verse as well. Compared to Ethic’s Rekles, Exray extends his role beyond the hook and into verses too.

The dual role serves listeners well where Exray’s melodic and catchy hooks morph into verses, offering the listener a peek at Exray’s prowess.

34 GVNG – Vuva

Hideously popular, few people can name all members of 34GVNG (read 34Gang). However, any individual living in Kenya can sing to Wabebe or Olunga.

Vuva ensures each 34GVNG track is accompanied with a vocally rich hook that is also catchy and good for the club scene. Vuva’s prowess also extends to the verses, with powerful

Part Two OTW. In the meanwhile, leave a comment on who you think has the best hooks in Gengetone.