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Kings of Gengetone Hooks – Part 2

It’s been a few weeks since published Part 1 of our Kings of Gengetone Hooks List.

It shone a spotlight on artists responsible for some of the most popular hooks in Kenyan music.

We reminded you how artists including 34 GVNG’s Vuva, Ethic’s Rekles and Exray of Boondocks Gang have made hooks their own.

But they’re definitely not the only ones, particularly in Gengetone which has remained at the top of the charts for the past two or so years.

In this article, we take a quick look at some other artists who have managed to cut a niche for themselves with their hooks.

Smady Tingz

Smady Tingz was responsible for introducing Mbogi Genje to the world with his hook on Ngumi Mbwegze.

While they had released a few audio singles before, it was the grimy ‘Mbogi Genje, si ndio mbogi genje, tunasaka sura ya Kenyatta kwa wallenje’ hook that really stuck with many and converted new fans.

He shines on several other hooks for the group including Kidungi and Form Ikijipa alongside Rix Roro and Dede Tarshian.

The entire three-man group made up of Smady, Militan and Guzman can however carry a song with Guzman, for example, shining on the Kuja Mbaya hook alongside Exray.


NellytheGoon is one-third of Ochungulo Family, with others being D’more and Benzema.

The group has cemented itself as one of the biggest groups in gengetone with several hit singles.

It’s hooks have played a key role in their rise, with catchy relatable themes their forte.

Recently, Nelly has delivered hooks on hit singles including Mpenzi Mtazamaji and Pandemik even as Benzema and Dmore continue to impress with their unique styles.

Iano Ranking

Iano Ranking is a major part of Wakali Wao alongside KIM Swat and Ptah Scarlet.

Ranking has cut a niche for himself as a master of hit hooks.

Other than trading bars with Kim SWAT, Ranking is responsible for the hooks on a number of popular Wakali Wao singles.

He can be heard delivering catchy choruses on songs including Urao and My Miss.

Miracle Baby

Ever since Sailors Gang became one of the biggest Gengetone groups with Wamlambez in 2019, Peter Miracle Baby has been at the centre of it all.

Miracle Baby matches the energy Sailors have become known for on every single track.

He, however, also sings most hooks for the group which has Lexxy Yung, Shalkido, Qoqos Juma and Masilver as its members.

Most recently, he has been on hooks including Nitekenye with Nadia Mukami and Weekendy.

K4 Kanali

K4 Kanali is one of the most versatile artists in Gengetone.

He can switch effortlessly between grimy Gengetrap single and made-for-the-club Gengetone bangers.

While he prides himself as a rapper, Kanali has an uncanny ability to come up with catchy hooks.

He is behind the choruses on hit singles including Katambe and 2 by 2.