Album: #EAZY

Musician/Band: Scar Mkadinali (Wakadinali)

Genre: Hip Hop

Release Date: January 7th, 2022

Churchill Mandela, better known by his stage name Scar, is a Kenyan rapper who is one-third of the hip hop group Wakadinali.

Scar has released previous projects alongside Wakadinali releasing Victims of Madness late in November 2020

#EAZY is a follow up to the Wakadinali trio albums as individuals which started with Domani's project Exposed (Munga's Revenge) and Sewersydaa's WADA (The Healing of a Nation)

Scar’s deep cuts of bars are unmatched. The album is on another level.

OPPS and Hera featuring Apesi are the standout tracks released as the album's lead singles.

The album is a standalone body of work and a class act above fellow industry acts.

The album is a 7/10 an amazing start for the musical year ahead.

Album: The Adventures of Chris Kaiga

Musician/Band: Chris Kaiga

Genre: Debe

Release Date: January 28th, 2022

Chris Kaiga is a Kenyan Afro-Pop artist widely recognized for his distinct creative approach when it comes to the visual direction that deviates from the standard, defining his style as a blend of Sheng, uptown rhythms, and conceptual films as well as his distinct musical flow.

Chris burst onto the scene with hit singles Zimenice and Chain Chain.

The album is a classic debut from the King of Debe.

The album radiates love, positivity, vibes like everything is just heartwarming.

Chris has a way of playing with words in an inventive manner manifesting through his lyrics.

I Want is the lead single for this project, features Mutoriah who does justice to the chorus providing such a calming way of singing. Kanyagia is also a big hit that collaborated with Nyashinski.

The album is an 8/10 a solid project worthy contender for album of the month