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Magix Enga Bans Gengetone Artists From His Studio, Apologizes for ‘Dirty’ Hits [VIDEO]

Magix Enga takes on Gengetone artists over ‘dirty’ content

Popular producer Magix Enga has banned the recording of ‘dirty’ content at his studio, particularly by Gengetone artists.

The hit-making producer cum artist runs Magix Empire, where he has recorded some of the biggest Gengetone artists – including Boondocks Gang. In fact, he has recorded a number of explicit songs himself riding the wave.

He further apologized for the songs he released in 2020, saying he later realized that the message was ‘spoiling the children’. Enga, directly addressing Gengetone artists, warned that he would no longer participate in the making of any more dirty songs.

Gengetone, the genre that has taken the country by storm since 2018, often features themes of drugs, sex and violence.

Enga argued that the the content would ruin the Kenyan music industry, cautioning artists that they would soon be booed off stages.

“They just want to do the bad content, singing about girls shaking their asses and drugs,” he stated.

Magix Enga at his Magix Empire Studios

He advised Gengetone artists to repackage themselves, stating that their type of content was the reason they were unable to secure lucrative corporate deals.

“This dirty content is the reason Gengetone artists have big names but are still living in the hood…they are not getting shows or corporate deals,” he maintained.

Enga referenced Jipin Anthem – the song promoting safe sex sponsored by Kiss Condoms and featuring himself and Gengetone stars Ssaru and Odi wa Murang’a.

He argued that with the song, he was trying to show Gengetone artists a different path but they remained stuck in their ways.

He claimed that he had never charged Boondocks a single cent to record with him, maintaining that he was only keen on supporting talented artists from the ghetto.