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Mapeddi: Buzzing Group Plots Gengetone Take-Over [VIDEOS]

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Mapeddi is a four-man music group made up of Kash Kollo, Mtown Niccur, Wada Floss and Moshi3.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the recently formed crew has been stirring a buzz on the Gengetone scene.

Before banding together, the group’s members were immersed in their solo careers.

Kash Kollo, for instance, was already known to fans thanks to popular singles such as Doba na Jing, and performances at events including‘s Freestyle Tuesdays event series in 2018.

File image of rapper Kash Kollo

As a group, however, they have struck Kenyan music gold with fans loving the fresh vibes and sounds.

Three singles released since July; Pepetea, Katululu and Walai have been widely circulated and received rave reviews.

In just three months, Mapeddi, repping 148, have established themselves among the most exciting new groups in Kenyan music.

With their raw, feel-good sound, lyrical wordplay and quality production, it comes as no surprise that Mapeddi are slowly building up a loyal fan base.

While they flow in Sheng’, Kash Kollo told that they considered their style to be a mashup of Genge and Dancehall.

Like many other new-school Kenyan artists, they do not want to be confined by genre labels such as Gengetone, Hip-hop or Shrap.

The group has a penchant for making club bangers although its members’ artistic backgrounds guarantee versatility.

Kollo told that their first full-length project as Mapeddi, an EP, was in the pipeline.

“We have a lot of new music lined up, so fans should definitely be excited,” he stated.

Their latest single, Wagwan, is set to drop on Sunday, September 19.

The single is drawn from the as of yet untitled EP.

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