Gotta City (top) and Mbogi Genje
Gotta City (top) and Mbogi Genje
Gotta City (top) and Mbogi Genje

Madocho wa Kanairo wasn’t known to many Kenyans until a video surfaced of him tearing into Mbogi Genje, the hardcore Gengetone group made up of Smady Tingz, Militan and Guzman.

Stoopid Boy, on the other hand, accused the group of stealing his lyrics and flow.

Since Stoopid Boy and Madocho made the claims in random interviews with Youtuber Mungai Eve, their beef has snow-balled into arguably the biggest beef in Gengetone history.

Here, presents a timeline of Mbogi Genje’s beef with youth from Gotta City (Riverbank estate in Donholm, Nairobi).

November 9 – Mungai Eve Goes to Gotta City

On November 9, Mungai Eve shared her interviews with several youth from Riverbank Estate in Donholm, Nairobi otherwise known as Gotta City.

Mungai Eve is a Youtuber who cut a niche for herself interviewing Nairobians from different hoods on various trending topics and social issues.

The first diss directed at Mbogi Genje from the Gotta City youth was by Fathela, who had provided security for Mbogi Genje during a past video shoot.

He accused the group of exploiting youth by filming videos in Gotta City and using their artworks as backdrops without compensating them. He claimed that, at best, the group would only buy the youth a single Marijuana joint.

Fathela further claimed that, alongside other youth, he accompanied Mbogi Genje’s Guzman to a nearby police post after Guzman was robbed in the area.

Fathela’s interview with Mungai Eve

Mbogi Genje’s Guzman Responds

After the interview was released, Guzman of Mbogi Genje took to Instagram where he insulted Mungai Eve in the Direct Messages (DMs).

“Ww tafta content achana na Mbogi Genje enda ukule jaba na izo mbogi za River Blogga ww

“K*** ya mamako mtoto wa abortion wewe,” Guzman’s message read.

A screenshot of shared by Mungai Eve of Guzman’s message after her interview with Fathela

November 14 – Stoopid Boy Accuses Smady Tingz of Stealing His Lyrics

Stoopid Boy, a rapper from Gotta City, emerged accusing Mbogi Genje’s Smady Tingz of stealing his lyrics and flow.

He revealed that he had previously interacted with Smady on several occasions.

Stoopid Boy claimed that the stolen lyrics were from past freestyle sessions where Smady Tingz was present. He further alleged that he had carried Smady Tingz on his motorbike before.

In addition, he claimed that Guzman did not write his own lyrics.

He accused the group’s members of disrespecting youth from Gotta City.

Old videos later surfaced showing Smady Tingz and Stoopid Boy freestyling alongside several other artists.

Stoopid Boy accuses Mbogi Genje of stealing his flow

November 14 – Madocho wa Kanairo Goes Viral With ‘Monchoka’

Madocho wa Kanairo, yet another youth from Gotta City, was interviewed by Mungai Eve on November 14 and went viral soon after.

In the interview, Madocho tore into Mbogi Genje and Guzman in particular for insulting Mungai Eve.

He maintained that the artists were supposed to be role models for the youth.

Speaking in Sheng’, he further tore into an Instagram user who had backed Mbogi Genje in their beef.

Kama unajinauwo venye unajinauwo, monchoka ukuje ubanje hapa kwa ghetto tukuskize. (If you believe in yourself, show up and talk here in the ghetto so we can hear you),” he famously stated.

Snippets from the interview quickly went viral, inspiring countless memes across Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Tik Tok.

November 25 – Beef Spills Over Into The Streets as Madocho Confronts Militan, Guzman

Accompanied by a large group of youth, Madocho wa Kanairo pulled up on Mbogi Genje’s Militan.

The confrontation took place at video director Slamboozer’s place in Umoja. Madocho and other youth from Gotta City demanded to see Guzman to answer for his insults directed at Mungai Eve.

Trying to calm down tensions, Militan engaged the youth arguing that the beef was started by Gotta City.

He further got on the phone and was heard stating that the group wanted to fight Guzman.

Guzman eventually arrived at the scene and, despite a heated confrontation and a bit of pushing and shoving, emerged unscathed even as the situation degenerated.
Footage from a confrontation between Gotta City youth and Mbogi Genje

Guzman later posted about the day, stating that Gotta City would not be so lucky next time as they came at Mbogi Genje when the artists were alone without their crew (Mbogi).

A group of youth from Umoja, where Mbogi Genje comes from, later stormed Gotta City in the evening and caused a scene, with some of them on motorbikes.

They were repelled by youth from Gotta City who quickly emerged and countered them, with the situation soon de-escalating.

Footage from a confrontation between Gotta City youth and Mbogi Genje supporters in Gotta City

November 26 – Mbogi Genje Responds

In an interview, Mbogi Genje members noted that they were not interested in promoting hatred among ghetto youth.

Smady Tingz stated that they were not there to spread negativity but instead to show youth from the ghetto that their language and way of life was art, and could be used to create opportunities.

Hawa watu wanajaribu tu kutuharibia jina (They’re only trying to ruin our name,” Smady stated at one point.

Guzman further stated that they were not interested in engaging the negative individuals and would only support them.

Mbogi Genje addresses beef with Madocho, Stoopid Boy

November 26 – Madocho, Stoopid Boy, Liyetin and Pingo Release Music Video for Ngumi ni Jamo

Gotta City’s Madocho, Stoopid Boy, Liyetin and Pingo released a music video for Ngumi ni Jamo.

Madocho delivered the intro for the song produced at Afro-Royalty Records.

Ngumi ni Jamo (One fist) is a clear reference to Mbogi Genje’s Ngumi Mbwegze (Two fists).

Stoopid Boy maintained that it was meant to encourage youth to desist from crime, which he accused Mbogi Genje of supporting.

Music video for Ngumi ni Jamo

November 26 – Mbogi Genje Fans Respond

A large group of Mbogi Genje fans from Umoja, where Mbogi Genje comes from, went viral tearing into Madocho and Stoopid Boy.

They were heard issuing threats to Stoopid Boy and Madocho in particular to stop their antics or face consequences.

Mbogi Genje fans respond to Madocho, Stoopid Boy

November 30 – Madocho wa Kanairo Receives Death Threats

A video went viral of a man holding two bullets in his hand and vowing that they would enter Madocho’s body.

Chuma chako ki motoni, endelea kuchocha mbogi (Your medicine is on the way, keep hyping the crew),” he stated.

Footage of Madocho being threatened

Madocho later dismissed the threats stating that he was not worried.

He further stated that he did not believe it came from a Mbogi Genje fan but someone out to ruin the group’s reputation.

Madocho responds after being threatened

December 3 – Gotta City Shoot Video for Second Single ‘Monchoka’

Madocho, Stoopid Boy and other Gotta City artists shot a music video for Monchoka, their second song after Ngumi ni Jamo.

The song capitalizes on Madocho’s viral ‘Monchoka rant during their beef with Mbogi Genje.

Madocho at a video shoot for ‘Monchoka’