Once you have the right routine, you will glow. [Photo/ Zora/Medium]

A woman’s hair has been described as the most noticeable part of her beauty since it enhances her personality. It boosts her esteem and confidence by adding to one’s natural beauty if well maintained. A bad hair day is, in general, a bad day.

The process of finding the perfect routine for once hair might be a little unnerving, more so when there are numerous options for people with the particular hair type. But once you have gotten the right routine you will glow.

The problem with us now is we follow other people’s routines on YouTube or on other social media platform, forgetting we all have different hair types and what works for them might not really work for you.

Here’s a breakdown of simple things to do at home that works for every hair type and can help you establish a general healthy hair care routine for you and for others.

Eat well – For one to have good and healthy hair one should eat well, meaning a balance and plenty water. Get vitamin A and C since it produces hair natural oils. The kind of food to eat include; eggs, which are source of protein and biotin which is important for hair growth because hair follicles are made of mostly protein. Spinach, berries, fish, avocado and sweet potatoes. Generally, proteins prevent hair loss.

Love your hair – At least two or three times a week massage your hair and use essential oil to massage your head/ scalp which helps settling the nerves. Remember use a wider spaced comb to straighten your hair gently do that to prevent breakages. If your hair is dry use moisturizer to hydrate your hair.

Use warm water, not hot – When cleansing your hair use lukewarm water since the hot water can dry out and fade your hair if you have used dye, also it can remove all the natural oil on the scalp leading it to be dry.

Go natural – Let your hair open if possible for it to breath. This includes restriction of unnecessary heat and avoiding straighteners and curling iron. For reduction of residue buildup avoid using styling products if not needed.

Lastly for natural hair, get a trim for every six to eight weeks to reduce breakage and slit ends as well as growth. Avoid chemicals in your hair since the body produces the necessary ones, you will see wonders.