Boondocks Gang have released their second full-length project as a unit - the Genge la Bundoksi EP. The record is a follow-up to their debut studio album Modo Man, which featured hit records including Vuvuzela featuring Mbuzi Gang.

In between the projects, Maddox released his solo album dubbed Mkuruweng, as did Extray Taniua with the Movement album. Odi wa Murang'a also starred on several projects including a number of hit features with the likes of Rekles and NellytheGoon.

As one of the pioneering Gengetone groups, Boondocks go all in on their latest EP which is stacked with the type of sounds that you'll be dancing to in the club - such as Ukam featuring Mbuzi Gang, their label-mates at Black Market Records (BMR) or Sijazoea Ivyo which features Rekles (Ethic), Guzman (Mbogi Genje) and VJ Chris.

The album is available to stream on all major platforms.