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Mama Mboga: Papi Subu Releases First Single [Stream & Download]

J Town recording artist, Papi Subu, officially dropped his first single and video for ‘Mama Mboga’.

The bubbly comical single released preludes the first much anticipated studio Extended Playlist, Notepad EP by Papi subu.

“Aii mama mboga, Sinikukande/Nikuspin na mwiko ama pia roller/Call me Mr pembe coz’ I’ve got that energy/ Mwiko hufura unaweza thani ikona baking powder/Up top Ni kilemba umefunga/Down low Ni kileso tight imekukemba/Ukona smile imeshinda imetesa/Si wacha ni’we waiter hizo  lips niziserve Na makiss na mabusu” – Papi subu rap sings cheekily.

Watch the video for “MAMA MBOGA” HERE

The accompanying video, directed by Victor Ogutu, was shot in Juja, Kenya.

Papi Subu brings a comically styled vintage vibe, offering a nostalgic reminder of the good old days of Kenyan style.

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