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Rada ni Sisi: New Campaign Uses Hits to Mobilize Youth [Stream & Download]

In Kilifi county, civic awareness among the youth is fast growing, thanks to the use of innovative techniques around music and social media.

A campaign dubbed Rada ni Sisi has seen stakeholders including the county government team up with influencers and artists.

The challenge? To motivate youth to get involved in helping their local communities.

A key message reiterated in the campaign is that to change the world, one might as well start at home.

It has taken off in Mariakani, Kilifi County where singer Cynthia Alaghah was selected as a Youth Ambassador for the Rada ni Sisi campaign.

She told that the campaign had so far brought several youth from Mariakani on board, with the shared goal of implementing change in their home town.

File image of singer and Rada ni Sisi Youth Ambassador Cynthia Alaghah

“This was a campaign that was first initiated in November 16th 2019 in an event that brought artists together to express their voice on matters affecting the town by using their art to express that voice,” the talented vocalist explained.

The campaign leans heavily on social media, informed by the knowledge that most Kenyan youth have access to mobile devices and internet connections.

As influencers, youth in the group have been using their platforms to push conversations on governance programs and how they impact their lives.

In a country synonymous with corruption and unemployment, youth need to be involved in securing meaningful change that benefits them.

For their needs to be addressed, more youth are getting actively involved in politics and governance with each passing day.

Alaghah shed more light on her involvement with the campaign.

“I realized that there was so much negativity, especially because the youth had no connection to their home and preferred to travel out of the town in search for opportunities that were even available in their town, so I decided try and make a difference,” she stated.

Several other projects are lined up as part of the campaign.

One of the key highlights of the campaign has been the buzzing signature tune by Alaghah, Rada ni Sisi.

Stream and download the song below.

Cynthia Alaghah – Rada ni Sisi