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Rapcha: Hot 96 Presenter’s Unique Take on Working From Home [PHOTOS]

Rapcha the Sayantist’s evolution in Kenya’s creative scene has been fascinating to watch.

From a TV comedian on KBC’s Vioja Mahakamani to hosting a comedic social commentary show alongside Mwafrika and now on radio, he has always managed to entertain.

Media is among sectors that have been seriously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing many to adapt.

For the Dropzone presenter now working from home, he has enlisted his young son as his ‘production crew’. Speaking to on Wednesday, September 23, Rapcha explained how he had been hosting one of the country’s most popular radio shows using only his phone.

Rapcha The Sayantist records a show at home with his son

He stated that some of his colleagues were left impressed after finding out he was recording the show using his mobile device.

He records links and other bits of the show on his phone, while using an audio production application to manage and control the output.

Rapcha stated that he had, in the process, learned new digital skills in what is a pointer to the new normal.

Rapcha The Sayantist recording a show at home with his son

He explained that he was driven to tell the story as he received constant requests for advice from numerous youth and aspiring content creators.

“At work, they were impressed and some people didn’t believe I was doing it with a phone.

“A lot of people ask me what they can do (to be heard), so I’d advise them to take advantage of the tools at their disposal right now,” he stated.

Indeed, the pandemic has seen a trend of mainstream media personalities adapt by launching new digital content offerings.

Amid shifts in the industry, lay-offs and wage cuts, it has become clear even to long time doubters that the future of entertainment and media lies online.

Content creators in Kenya have been among the biggest beneficiaries of increased global watch times on video streaming services and social media during the pandemic.

The likes of Elsa Majimbo and King Kalala have built up fanbases with their content while others such as Flaqo and Crazy Kennar have seen a surge in interest in their content.

Observing that it was a new age, Rapcha advised young people to take advantage of the moment to share quality content.

For many DJs, artists, comedians and entertainers, questions are abound on how exactly they can leverage digital tools to promote their content and monetize their brands.

It helps to offer value and to focus on organic growth. Consistency and building a community around your content are also important.

Rapcha, a Reggae MC, has also been working with artists through the Rapcha Art Centre to help them hone their craft.

Rapcha pictured with artists at the Rapcha Art Centre

“Rapcha Art Centre mostly focuses on the performances at the moment.

“Artists at the space get to work on their live performances and other aspects,” he explained.