Breeder LW (left) and Scar right
[STREAM & DOWNLOAD] Kenya Sihami – Hitman Kaht, Mastar VK, Breeder LW ( exclusive unreleased version.)

Kenyans took to social media to settle a heated debate, days after exclusively shared an unreleased version of Kenya Sihami featuring Breeder LW (Stream above).

The official version of Kenya Sihami by Hitman Kaht, out now, features Mastar VK and Wakadinali’s Scar.

The version shared by on Wednesday, December 30th, however, features a third verse from Ni Kubaya star Breeder LW in place of Scar.

The Breeder verse gained traction and went viral on the interwebs, attracting hundreds of comments pitting the rappers head to head.

While many agreed that Breeder’s left-out verse was fire, the majority backed Scar maintaining that his verse was on another level.

Some fans even shut down the debate arguing that Oyole hitmaker Mastar VK had the hardest verse on the song.


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The official version of Kenya Sihami, out now, is the latest hit from Bridge Records boss, rapper and producer Hitman Kaht and has been getting a lot of fan love in recent weeks.

Hitman, Scar, Mastar VK and Breeder all have their roots in hip-hop despite dabbling in the Gengetone wave which has swept the country since 2018.

Indeed, they are stars of one of the most exciting generations of Kenyan music in recent history, and you shouldn’t expect them to stop any time soon.

Sample some of the comments shared on the Scar vs Breeder debate below:

“Ninge comment but Hawa Ile matusi wataeza nipea???? itafanya nihame Kenya” wrote comedian DJ Shiti.

“Papa Fathela kitu imebakiii nikujengewaa statue tena unaulizaa,” Tembekho shared, backing Breeder.

“Unacompare aje breeder na Scar. Scar ako ligi yake bana,” wrote one Mwangi, arguing that Scar was in his own league.

“Hii rende ni rong…??? scar all the way,” wrote Wakadinali fan Abubakar.

“Lets just agree mastervk ndio aliua hio song ?????,” wrote Swayboy frosting.

Watch our head-to-head video below: