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Size 8, DJ Mo Welcome Second Child

Celebrity couple DJ Mo and Size 8 have reportedly welcomed their second child.

According to the report by Mpasho, sources close to the family confirmed that both mother and child were in good health.

The report further captured the unique celebratory mood among the Murayas, as the couple mourned the loss of a second unborn child in December 2018.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

While the duo made up of songstress Size 8 & gospel TV presenter DJ Mo has not put out an official statement, they took to social media to celebrate the undisclosed ‘good news’.

“My victory dance…some good news thank you Jesus…waaa Jehovah you are faithful!!!” Size 8 captioned her post.

DJ Mo also shared a photo of their daughter Ladasha outdoors holding a balloon.

In the replies, Size 8 thanked Mo for taking care of Ladasha at times when she was unable to.

The couple has built up a loyal following over the years with their exploits in fields such as music and TV securing them various endorsement deals and ventures.