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Stop Using ‘Hitman Ting’ Tag – Vuva Demands After 34 GVNG Split With Hitman Kaht

Vuva (left) and Hitman Kaht. The long-time collaborators are beefing, and the group has been dropped from Hitman's Bridge Records label.
Vuva (left) and Hitman Kaht. The long-time collaborators are beefing, and the group has been dropped from Hitman’s Bridge Records label.

Olunga hitmaker Vuva of 34 GVNG has demanded that producer Hitman Kaht stop using the iconic ‘Hitman ting hitman ting, Badman ting Badman ting’ tag.

The producer tag can be heard on dozens of Gengetone hits produced by Hitman Kaht since 2018. It was voiced by Vuva.

Wacha kutumia Hitman Ting. Io ni sauti yangu (Stop using ‘Hitman ting’, that’s my voice),” Vuva stated in an interview on Friday, December 11.

This follows the bitter split between Hitman Kaht and the rest of the group.

Vuva’s interview in which he tore into Hitman Kaht

Hitman, CEO of Bridge Records Entertainment, announced on Thursday, December 10, that 34 GVNG had been dropped from the label following various disagreements.

The group is now made up of Vuva, Guantai, Shagwah and B Razor.

After making several hits together, Vuva and Hitman Kaht no longer see eye to eye and have traded harsh words and accusations in recent days.

In an interview, Hitman confirmed having parted ways with the group.

He disclosed that the group had not been profitable particularly during the Covid-19 period. He refused to delve deeper into the issues that caused the split, only stating that he did not want to air their dirty linen.

Hitman Kaht explains his split with 34 GVNG

Vuva, however, was more forthcoming as he responded to Hitman

Vuva claimed that, despite their songs making money, Hitman was reluctant to ensure the cash trickled down to the artists.

Vuva further claimed that they were never signed to Bridge but were helping Hitman out as a friend.

The rapper alleged that Hitman did not approve of his appearances on other artists’ projects.

Vuva, however, noted that he was making money from the features as opposed to his deal with Bridge Records.

According to Vuva, the group will continue making music as 34 GVNG.

He claimed that it was 34 GVNG that made Hitman blow and not the other way round.

Hitman, on the other hand, disclosed that he was looking for new talent to sign to his label.

It is the latest beef in Gengetone, a genre whose community was long considered supportive of each other.

Under Bridge Records, Hitman and 34 GVNG were behind a slew of hits including Wabebe, Olunga, Ka ni Mtam, Dar Mpaka Moro and Mangwariti.