Swagga Don, the Afrikan Avatar, is a man on a mission.

Not only is the masked singer stirring up a storm across Africa with his sounds and mystery, he's also championing Pan-Africanism and black unity - bringing together people on the continent as well as in the diaspora.

His unique sounds have served to drive the buzz. Swagga Don effortlessly works with and blends Soca, Makossa, Afrobeats and Reggae to consistently deliver music that will have you turning up the volume.

He hails from the Caribbean, but Swagga Don has a constant presence across Africa, particularly in Kenya and Nigeria. In recent months, he's made a lot of unreleased music with iconic rapper CMB Prezzo, producer Ulopa Ngoma of Side B and Kelmah Shiko.

Questioned on the blend of several African genres in his catalogue, Swagga Don highlighted the historic place of black artists in birthing several genres that the world fell in love with.

"My music combines all the genres of African music emanating from the roots to the diaspora. We gave birth to soul, gospel, jazz, rock, blues, African spiritual, African beats, Pop, Soca and Reggae. All these are music we gave to the world! Therefore, I promote and express all the African genres without being restricted to a box as most media like to categorize how Africans express their feelings and their thoughts dramatically..." he asserted.

Having spent time across the continent engaging the people and communities, including through dance and music, the Afrikan Avatar's ultimate desire is to see a united continent.

He believes that the strength of Africa lies in its people, both at home and in the diaspora, as well as its vast natural resources. Coming together as a people, he believes, will be the key driver of solutions to African problems.

"My mission is to get all Africans on the continent and in the diaspora united for one purpose: African Renaissance - Africans taking control of their continent and natural resources! Africans from all over the world repopulating Africa. Africans doing it for themselves and by themselves; African solutions to African problems and promoting African unity in all its ramifications," Swagga Don stated.

He's taking the message across the world, with his music exciting fans not just in Africa but North America and Europe as well.

The fact that he's always behind a mask only adds to the the mystery of the Afrikan Avatar. Even in his upcoming new music video Alay Alay shot in Kenya, the stunning shots and outfits complement the masked Avatar.

Swagga Don is only just getting started, as his mission is clearly a big one. He's planning several new releases in coming weeks and months including collaborations with Africa's stars.

He’ll also be dropping the Afrikan Avatar Experience Mix which includes his new music video Alay Alay and music with CMB Prezzo, Kelmah Shiko and Ulopa Ngoma. Stay tuned to Loud.co.ke to hear it first!