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The Rise And Rise of Mbogi Genje

While groups such as Ethic, Ochungulo Family, Sailors and Boondocks Gang will be remembered as the pioneers of the gengetone sound, the genre is already evolving thanks to artists such as Mbogi Genje.

(L-R): Mbogi Genje’s Militan, Guzman and Smady Tingz

Just as gengetone primarily borrowed aspects of Ogopa and Calif-era genge and Kapuka, mashing it up with dance-hall sounds and party vibes, Mbogi Genje’s take on gengetone adds an exciting, grimy twist.

The three man group from Umoja in Nairobi; made up of Smady Tingz, Guzman and Militan, shot to the limelight towards the end of 2019 with Ngumi Mbwegze.

Ngumi Mbwegze was a hard-core gengetone banger and probably the first of its kind.

A raw video without the usual vixens and hard-hitting sheng lyrics about drugs and crime made it clear that this wasn’t your average gengetone group out to make pop-style hits about partying and sex.

It quickly gained traction and as it became a viral sensation, they followed it up with Kidungi.

Kidungi was also a hit, with Militan’s deep sheng standing out on this one.

Described by some as Gengetone’s DJ Khaled, VDJ Jones then linked up with Mbogi Genje for Kamkoba early in 2020.

After that, the trio joined forces with Wataitana hit-makers Rix Roro and Dede Tarshian for yet another banger, Ikijipa.

Sample their hits right here on as we look forward to more from Mbogi Genje.