It's that time again, when the streets authority presents our favorite Gengetone songs of the year. 2022 has been a great year for Gengetone, with new artists such as Vic West, Unco Jing Jong and Mbuzi Gang landing big hits and showcasing the growth and evolution of the sound.

You can revisit the biggest Gengetone bangers of 2021 here. Here are's Top 22 Gengetone Songs of 22.

#1 Kuna Kuna - Vic West ft. Fathermoh, Savara, Brandy Maina & Thee Exit Band

Vic West scored our song of the year with the incredibly upbeat and fun 'Kuna Kuna' featuring a star appearance from Brandy Maina as well as Fathermoh, Savara and Thee Exit Band. presents the Kuna Kuna Tape - 2022 Kenyan Hits Mix

#2 Kishash - Lil Maina ft. Ndovu Kuu

Kishash was released in December 2021, but it has undoubtedly been one of the biggest songs of 2022 - you can't miss it at any party, playlist or club.

#3 Kanairo Dating - Mejja

Genge legend Mejja continued his incredible run in 2022, with several major features and smash hits including our favorite, Kanairo Dating.

#4 Furaha - Iyanii

Iyanii this year became a bona-fide East African superstar, thanks to hits including Furaha and its remix.

#5 Gin ama Whiskey - Breeder LW

Breeder LW had a year to remember, with bangers including the banger party tune Gin ama Whiskey.

#6 Miondoko - Rico Gang ft. Mbuzi Gang

Rico Gang, one of the pioneer Gengetone groups, scored a major hit in 2022 with Miondoko (Kale Ka Dance) featuring their label mates Mbuzi Gang.

#7 Fika by 8 - Breeder LW

Breeder makes another appearance on this list with his smooth, catchy hit single Fika by 8.

#8 Bandana ya Esir - Ochungulo Family ft. Nameless

Ochungulo Family had a big hit, paying tribute to Esir and putting together a fun party tune all in one song.

#9 Mapema Ndio Best - Gwaash x K4 Kanali ft. OnlyOneDelo

Gwaash and K4 Kanali, alongside OnlyOneDelo, gave us yet another anthem this year with Mapema Ndio Best.

#10 Naskia Wah - Boondocks Gang ft. Ethic Entertainment

Gengetone godfathers Boondocks Gang and Ethic Entertainment linked up for Naskia Wah, one of the biggest viral bangers of the year.

#11 Dweet (Do It) - Trio Mio ft. A-Pass & Masauti

Trio Mio linked up with Masauti and A-Pass for Dweet, one of the big Gengetone party anthems of the year.

#12 By The Way - Maandy x Exray x Trio Mio

Maandy, Trio Mio and Exray linked up for one of the biggest tunes of the year, By The Way.

#13 Makofi Kwangu - Exray x Omollo x Odi wa Murang'a

Makofi Kwangu is Gengetone storytelling at its finest, and definitely has a place on our list.

#14 Hatukuelewi - Odi wa Murang'a ft. Boutross, Exray

Odi wa Murang'a linked up with Exray and Boutross Munene for Hatukuelewi, a big tune if we ever heard one.

#15 Ni Wetu - Maandy ft. Mejja

Maandy makes another appearance on this list, with yet another Mejja feature, on Ni Wetu.

#16 Soko - Mbuzi Gang ft. Harry Craze, Unspoken Salaton and Vic West

Mbuzi Gang linked up with Harry Craze (Rico Gang) as well as Vic West and Unspoken Salaton for Soko, a play on the viral Kenyan phrase Kuoga na Kurudi Soko.

#17 Marafiki - Fathermoh

Mbuzi Gang's Fathermoh is one of the biggest Gengetone artists right now, and he continued his run with a solo hit single Marafiki.

#18 Zamali - Mbogi Genje

Mbogi Genje gave us their unmatched flows this year on Zamali, straight heat!

#19 Dai Dai - Fathermoh ft. Shekinah Karen

Fathermoh and Shekina Karen served up some incredible storytelling on Dai Dai.

#20 Chun Li - Fathermoh ft. Khaligraph Jones, Smady Tingz Boutross

#21 Angela - Boutross ft. Juicee Man

The versatile Boutross has a late entry for banger of the year with Angela, a viral tune guaranteed to turn up any party.

#22 Mmmhh Mmhhh - Maandy

Maandy put in the work this year, and it showed on bangers including Mmmhh Mmhhh.