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Podcasts can be spoken word, audio episodes all focused on a particular topic or theme, like cycling or startups – which can be subscribed to by individuals to listen to episodes whenever they want.

The space has been growing in Kenya and aside from the creators, several ventures have popped up to support the growth of podcasting in the country. Audio production and podcast startup Portable Voices opened its first recording studio in Nairobi, which served as an open space for the production of encrypted digital audiobooks, podcasts and radio dramas. The millennials and Gen Z have realized the value of podcasts, which are brilliant for communicating narratives neglected by established media outlets.

Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of digital media for both consumers and creators, and millions of new episodes are published to podcast directories every day. Themes range from music, lifestyle, and social issues to sports and education. Here are some of the better-known podcasts in Kenya;

Entertainment, society and business are key topics in active podcasts such as ‘The Unverified Podcast,’ ‘Shapes the City’ and ‘The finding Impact Podcast’ respectively.

Kenyan podcasts including ‘The spread’, ‘Otherwise’ , ‘Afracanah’, ‘2 Girls and a Pod’ and ‘Kenya Queer Questions.’ primarily focus on sex and relationships, lifestyle, society and culture.

‘The Benchwarmerz’ is among the top Kenyan sports podcasts.

Music is a dominant niche in the podcast space in Kenya, with podcasts including; ‘Deeper Sounds of Nairobi’ and ‘Kenya Nights’.

Through this podcasts you might learn something that will enable you to solve problems and even motivation on life since most have life experience themes, such as ‘Surviving Nairobi’.

The East Africa Today podcast and the East Africa Business Podcast engage with East Africans and those interested in the region, interviewing entrepreneurs and business leaders. Topics include interesting trends and dynamics that are shaping the region and beyond.