Big Ting AP (centre) and Trio Mio (R) in a music video for 'Kanairo'
Music video for 'Kanairo' by Big Ting AP, Trio Mio and AJ Barracuda

Trio Mio and AJ Barracuda are featured on Kanairo, the brand new trap banger from Big Ting AP.

Big Ting is Trio's big brother. In past interviews, Trio Mio has credited Big Ting with introducing him to the game.

“Watching my brother and his friends rapping to instrumentals on YouTube is what inspired me to take it seriously, that’s when I started to compose my own songs. The pandemic allowed me time to record these songs since schools were closed,” Trio stated earlier this year.

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Kanairo is a mash-up of Atlanta-style trap hooks and Sheng' flows, making for one of the biggest hip-hop bangers of the year.

It isn't the first time 16-year old Trio is collaborating with Big Ting. Even before the release of the game-changing Cheza Kama Wewe in 2020, Trio's break-out single, the duo had recorded a number of tracks together.

Kanairo is mixed and mastered by JB, with the clean visuals directed by Mwende Renata.