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US Rapper The Game Eyes Gengetone Star K4 Kanali for New Project

The Game (left) and K4 Kanali
The Game (left) and K4 Kanali

BY Martin Siele (@S_iele)

Bad Manners star K4 Kanali is undoubtedly one of the hottest Kenyan artists out right now, and it looks like he might be going international.

Acclaimed Los Angeles rapper The Game reached out to Kanali seeking to have him feature on an upcoming project dubbed ‘Rules of the Game’.

This was after, in October 2020, Game asked fans online which unsigned artists were making the most noise in their city, only for Kanali’s ardent fanbase to flock his comment section.

“I got this project I’m presenting. I’m down to push your sound on this series I’m dropping called Rules of the Game,” wrote Game in a message to Kanali seen by Loud.co.ke.

Kanali revealed that while nothing had yet been confirmed, he looked forward to showcasing his skills on global stages and working with various artists including The Game.

K4 Kanali

Kanali has under his belt several hits including Bad Manners, Katambe, Sawa, Patia, 2 by 2, Tight and Tifn and Chubuwi Chubuwa.

He had a monster 2020, coining the phrase “Tuko Sherehe na Haitaki Hasira” on Bad Manners alongside Fatboy Gwash and Joseph Hill of Team Psycho.

The phrase went viral and birthed an online challenge with millions of views on Tik Tok.

He also released two critically acclaimed mixtapes; A4 Apple – K4 Kanali and MU2HA (Most Underrated to Highly Awaited), both of which you can stream on Loud.co.ke.

Kanali, known for his unique hooks and smooth flows, looks set to have an even bigger 2021.

He is gearing up to release the highly anticipated music video for Nairobi alongside Hitman Kaht and NellytheGoon of Ochungulo Family.

Kanali is also set to feature on a new song alongside Gwash and veteran hitmaker and new king of collabos Mejja.