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What Was Pop Star Selena Gomez Doing in Kenya?

Wildly popular American singer and actress Selena Gomez was spotted in Kenya on Monday, having spent over a week in the country well away from the media radar.

While various other international artists are in Kenya for a long list of festive season shows, Gomez was on a different mission.

The press was mostly unaware of her low-key 10-day visit in which she was accompanied by her friend Raquelle.

She was in the country thanks to a charity organization known as the WeMovement.

The US-based charity operates in various regions with programs in areas such as education, health and environmental conservation.

Selena Gomez with a group of women from the Maasai community

She spent time with school children and Maasai women learning about their culture, livelihoods, crafts and sustainability.

She also visited construction sites for two new schools.

Gomez has topped charts on several occasions and was in a much-publicized relationship with singer Justin Bieber.

After the couple split up, Gomez kept putting out music including her 2019 album Pumpkin Spice Latte.

A number of singles and videos have been released in recent weeks from the album, prompting a section of her fans online to wonder why she was in Kenya instead of promoting her new music.

Selena Gomez with some students