Zzero Sufuri (left) and Mbogi Genje
Official audio for 'Kuzikanato' by Zzero Sufuri and Mbogi Genje

Mbogi Genje and Zzero Sufuri team up to bring you the highly anticipated banger Kuzikanato.

The hitmaking artists mash up Zzero's feel-good Gengetone sound and Mbogi Genje's Hardcore Sheng' style to deliver this absolute banger.

Mbogi Genje's Smady Tings, as always, goes hard on the hook.

Militan puts the track in a hearse with his closing verse, offering you the Sheng' lesson you didn't know you needed.

Kuzikanato is produced by Zillione Music, Kovx Wise, Gooner the Creator and Sunny Sun.