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10 Mejja Features That Ruled 2020 (So Far) [VIDEOS]

Critics who long complained that Mejja had lost his edge since joining the Kansoul have been silenced in 2020, if the charts are anything to go by.

Inevitably, Mejja’s music as part of a group with Madtraxx and Kid Kora, and as a solo artist, isn’t the same.

In both cases, however, Mejja has been at the center of some of Kenya’s biggest hits.

In 2020, Mejja has been one of the most in-demand artists thanks to a slew of successful features.

Cementing his legendary status, he has become the man to have on your single if you want mainstream success.

The image of Mejja and his tumbler has, in the process, become something that fans look forward to seeing.

Here are 10 Mejja features that ruled 2020 (So far):

Femi One – Utawezana ft. Mejja

Utawezana is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of the year.

Kaka Empire first lady Femi One found a continental hit with the single , which featured an engaging conversational style alongside Mejja.

Notably, it inspired a viral sensation and is partly responsible for the growth of Tiktok star Azziad Nasenya.

Watoto na Pombe – Otile Brown ft. Mejja

Otile Brown has been one of the most consistent Kenyan artists in recent years, and among his slew of 2020 hits is Watoto na Pombe.

The song is an ode to Kenyan nightlife, with Otile shouting out popular nightclubs in Nairobi and Nakuru such as Platinum 7D, Golden Ice Bistro and B-Club.

Mejja makes an appearance, and, with his tumbler in hand, delivers a trademark verse.

Pakua – Jovial ft. Mejja

Songstress Jovial enlisted Mejja for the racy hit single Pakua.

As he always does, Mejja came through with a stellar verse.

Coupled with Jovial’s stunning vocals and the well-written lyrics, it was a sure fire banger.

Wamocho – Mbogi Genje x Mejja x Richy Haniel

Showcasing his versatility, Mejja teamed up with arguably Kenya’s coldest group of 2020 for yet another hit single.

Mbogi Genje have experienced a meteoric rise thanks to their hardcore style, and Sheng’ lyrics.

Mejja shows on this track that he can keep up with a new generation of artists and deliver as always.

Hainishtui – Boondocks Gang ft. Mejja

On Hainishtui, Mejja flexes alongside Gengetone group Boondocks Gang.

He comes through with a comical, relatable verse much in line with what he has become known for over the years.

Kalale – Willis ‘Bazu’ Raburu ft. Rekles, Breeder LW, Mejja, Ssaru

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu landed himself a hit with his debut in music.

The 10 over 10 host enlisted an all-star line-up of Ethic Entertainment’s Rekles, Mejja, Ssaru and Breeder LW.

The result was a Marvo-produced banger with one of the most memorable hooks of the year.

Wanani – Bahati ft. Petra, Mejja, Ssaru, Odi wa Murang’a, Benzema

Gospel singer and reality TV star Bahati found success in 2020 by tapping into Gengetone and leveraging the buzz around new artists and groups.

Wanani features impressive vocals and writing from Bahati, as well as stellar verses from Mejja, Ssaru, Benzema and Odi wa Murang’a.

Yet again, Mejja shows off his versatility coming through on this smooth, mellow hit.

Mpenzi Mtazamaji – Ochungulo Family ft. The Kansoul

Alongside Madtraxx and Kora of the Kansoul, Mejja starred on Mpenzi Mtazamaji by Gengetone group Ochungulo Family.

It was not the first time Ochungulo Family and the Kansoul were linking up, having previously teamed up for Na Iwake Remix.

Yet again, the mix of NellytheGoon, D’more and Benzema alongside the Kansoul proved a lethal combination.

Prakata – Willy Paul ft. Mejja

Gospel-turned-secular artist Willy Paul has had a great year in terms of hits and endorsement deals.

One of the biggest moments of 2020 for Willy Paul was no doubt the release of Prakata, a dance-heavy track which features Mejja.

As always, Mejja did his thing and delivered a solid verse while holding on to his trademark tumbler.

Kererembe – Bahati ft. Mejja, Madtraxx

Mejja and Madtraxx were featured on Kererembe the feel good hit-single from Bahati.

The pair, both members of the Kansoul, delivered the high quality collaborations they have become accustomed to.

In any case, Mejja is undoubtedly 2020’s king of collaborations. Here’s to hoping the run long continues!