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Huddah Faces Backlash After Shading ‘Fat’ Women

Popular model and socialite entrepreneur Huddah Monroe ruffled feathers with her recent quotes on body-shaming.

In a post that quickly went viral, she questioned why calling women ‘skinny’ was considered acceptable yet ‘fat’ was taken seemingly as an insult.

Huddah Monroe

“Why is it ok to shame skinny women. Call them skinny. Lacking meat etc and when a fat woman is fat she can’t be called fat coz that will be termed as body shaming? lol!

“They swear she is confident in her own skin and call her #THICK. Bitch is FATTTT! In capital letters! .A whole elephant. Let’s just stop lying to these women. And promote healthy living,” one of the posts read.

It sparked angry reactions from a section of the internet with some calling for her to be ‘cancelled’.

Huddah Monroe’s post

Others, however, backed her asserting that she had a valid point.

As intense debate raged, it seemed to be mission accomplished for Huddah who hinted at plans to launch a new ‘healthy living’ product in 2020.

“Keep it REAL at all times. Solution to all that FAT is coming to a store near you real soon. And on a site near u.

“Let’s promote healthy living 2020,” she wrote.

She found previous success with her ‘Huddah’ line of cosmetics.