Madocho (left) and Mbogi Genje (right)

Amid their publicized beef with Mbogi Genje, Madocho wa Kanairo and Stoopid Boy have released a music video for their single Ngumi ni Jamo.

Ngumi ni Jamo , produced at Afro Royalty Records, also features Liyetin and Pingo. All the artists are from the Gotta City area in Nairobi’s Embakasi East constituency.

With Mbogi Genje having popularized ngumi mbwegze (two fists), the group from Gotta City (Riverbank estate), Nairobi has adopted a single fist as their symbol.

Stoopid Boy noted in an interview that the hook “ngumi ni moja, chorea mbwegze” was meant to encourage youth to desist from crime, which he accused Mbogi Genje of promoting.

Madocho, who went viral tearing into Mbogi Genje, delivers the intro for Ngumi ni Jamo.

Watch the music video below: