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Sherehe Haitaki Hasira: 10 Biggest Hits as Clubs Re-Open in Kenya

By Martin K.N Siele (@S_iele)

Revelers dancing at a nightclub in Nairobi
File image of revelers in a Nairobi nightclub

After an absence of over 6 months, party-loving Kenyans are set to return to bars and clubs.

Granted, their favorite joints will be shutting down at 10 p.m in line with the revised Covid-19 directives announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday, September 28.

DJs and artists, who have been among the worst hit by the pandemic, are back in the limelight.

Many of their fans have been stuck at home, propelling singles to success through viral challenges on Tiktok and other platforms. There’s no doubt that they’ll be eager to finally flex their moves in the club.

So as Kenyans return to bars and clubs, here are‘s 10 Biggest Bangers you’ll be dancing to at your local.

#1 – Bad Manners – Fatboy Gwash ft. K4 Kanali, Josephil

Bad Manners was bubbling in Gengetone circles for at least five months before it suddenly became a viral sensation.

It has inspired countless videos on Tiktok and Instagram, with the challenge racking up over 20 million views on Tiktok (and counting).

K4 Kanali told on Tuesday, Sep 29 how the song exploded.

His opening line ‘Tuko sherehe na Haitaki Hasira, Haitaki mabombo manigga’ is, quite literally, everywhere.

“At the start of August #HaitakiHasira videos and related tags had 13,000 views on Tiktok. Right now (Sept 29), it’s at 20.2 million and counting,” he explained.

A similar numbers surge witnessed on YouTube and Instagram makes Bad Manners arguably the biggest Kenyan song as clubs reopen. Rest assured it’s in every serious DJ’s Serato.

The production and combination of hit-makers Gwash, Kanali and Team Psycho’s Josephil also makes it a Gengetone classic.

You can stream and download both of Kanali’s 2020 mixtapes on; A4 Apple – K4 Kanali and Most Underrated to Highly Awaited [MU2HA].

Kalale – Willis Raburu ft. Rekles, Ssaru, Breeder LW, Mejja

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu assembled some of Kenyan music’s biggest stars for a chart-topper, Kalale.

It was the 10 over 10 host’s first foray into music, away from the small screen.

Rekles delivered a catchy hook, with Ssaru, Breeder and Mejja all coming through with solid verses. Killer production from Marvo ensured that this song will be playing in a club near you.

Rhumba Japani – Sauti Sol

Afro-pop group Sauti Sol has enjoyed an incredible year with the release of critically acclaimed album Midnight Train.

One of the singles, Rhumba Japani, has proved a favourite among the group’s Kenyan fans, who have been demanding visuals.

With its nod to various locations and hangouts in the country, Rhumba Japani will no doubt be playing in many clubs and bars.

Utawezana – Femi One ft. Mejja

Femi One landed one of the biggest East African hits of 2020 with Utawezana which features Mejja.

The racy, comedic single was also a Tiktok sensation. Influencer and actress Azziad Nasenya notably went viral with her take on the challenge, thrusting her into the limelight.

It was also a highlight in an incredible streak of hit Mejja features this year.

Dusuma – Otile Brown x Meddy

Otile Brown has been among Kenyan’s most consistent hit makers in recent years, and 2020 has been no different.

Dusuma, the crooner’s collaboration with Rwandan singer Meddy, has been hugely successful.

On YouTube, it racked up over 10 million views in 3 months. You already know fans will be dying to sing along to this one while drunk.

Wamocho – Mbogi Genje ft. Mejja

One of the most recent songs on this list, Wamocho, is a a sure-fire club banger.

Hardcore group Mbogi Genje, made up of Militan, Smady Tings and Guzman, will be playing a lot in the club thanks to a string of hits.

Wamocho, which yet again features Mejja and Richy Haniel, has the group fusing their cold Sheng’ flow with party vibes and upbeat production.

Mastingo – Chris Kaiga x Kahu$h

At a time when both artists were buzzing, Chris Kaiga and Kahu$h linked up for one of the most danceable hits of the year.

You already know that Mastingo will be getting people out their seats in clubs and bars around the country.

It’s a fun song, with a colorful video to match. It’s roll-out saw numerous fans take part in a dance challenge, sharing videos on social media.

Foto Moto – Noti Flow ft. Benzema

Rapper Noti Flow scored a hit this year with Foto Moto which features Benzema.

The Ochungulo Family star linked up well with Noti Flow to deliver a hit and stunning visuals.

The success of the song was further propelled by tabloid chatter and publicized back and forth drama between the two artist.

Tuma Kitu – Khaligraph Jones

Tuma Kitu is one of several hits Khaligraph has released in recent months, since the onset of the pandemic.

He has cemented his spot as the country’s most sought after artists and, arguably, biggest rappers.

Tuma Kitu is a relatable hip-hop banger, filled with countless references that most Kenyans understand.

Cheza Kama Wewe – Trio Mio

Teen rapper Trio Mio had a breakthrough year thanks to his single Cheza Kama Wewe.

The Gengetone banger has been buzzing for months, widely shared by fans and celebrities in awe of the young talent.

You already know revelers will be getting lit to the party-themed Cheza Kama Wewe even as Trio;s star continues to shine.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Drink Responsibly, Don’t Drink and Drive.