Madocho (left) and Mbogi Genje (right)
Madocho (left) and Mbogi Genje (right)
Madocho (left) and Mbogi Genje (right)

Sheng' can be called Gengetone's official language.

While the slang predates the genre by several decades, the rise of Gengetone has helped popularize various Sheng' words in recent times.

Artists such as Mbogi Genje, Madocho wa Kanairo and creators such as Kartelo have contributed to its unmatched reach.

Here, presents the ultimate Gengetone Sheng dictionary, featuring common words in Gengetone and their translations.

*This article is constantly being updated.

Jamo - One

Mbwegze - Two

Mbwegze 2 - OG, A respected person

Wolipa - A lot/ Many

Mbogi - Crew

Genje - Bad

Kanairo - Nairobi

Zing - Father/ Respected Guy

Riambez - Girls

Chuom - Chill spot/ Hangout place

Muok - Come

Fisa - Clean (Safi)

Digi - See

Nauwo - Know

Uwaganis - Nonsense

Dibla - Blood

Bugda - Die

Dibla - Blood

Monchoka/ mochoka - Emerge

Mrota - Ditch

Chun Li - Cheap Liquor

Banja - Talk

Rengwa - Morning

Shashola - Marijuana

Mangwariti - Marijuana

Matiki - Nike sneakers and apparell

Chingri - Liquor

Chun Li - Cheap Liquor

Inengi - Another

Rengwa - Morning

Njifri - Fridge

Tifla - Flat